Charity Bomb produces custom benefit events and raises funds for a variety of charities and causes.


Est. 2019. Funds raised to date: +$378,000

Charity Bomb is a creative organization, tethered to the virtues of; honesty, transparency, and altruism. Founded in 2018, Charity Bomb was founded by three lifelong friends who, between them are; fathers, philanthropists, professional musicians, avid music lovers, music industry professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, and Fear Factor champions.


Charity Bomb is in the business of philanthropy. Our mission is to identify challenges impacting overlooked or under-serviced constituencies, enlist the most effective and honest specialists in that space, and partner with them to design and execute an immediate, intermediate and long-term plan to improve or resolve the issue.

This is achieved by first, researching the landscape of particular cause and connecting our constituents to the most effective and immediately available resources we can find.

Next, we create experiential campaigns for auction and produce live events with high-profile musicians and entertainers, to generate funds.

Finally, we appropriate those funds with complete transparency to either; excellent partnering organizations, experts in a particular space, or directly to a constituent with an immediate need, all with the aim of finding a solution to the challenge.

Charity Bomb has been referred to as “disruptive” for revolutionizing the paradigm of a conventional 501(c)3s by earning our donations and deploying them effectively, responsibly and visibly towards their intended purpose.