We aren’t trying to be superheroes. We are a humble bunch, here because; we love music, we know rock stars, can produce shows, and we love serving others.

Charity Bomb founding members, and lifelong friends; Matthew, Nathan, and Ryan, were the guys who threw the parties during high school and went to the shows throughout college.

Ryan quickly became an entrepreneur, starting several successful businesses, while the twins rented an old industrial warehouse loft in Chicago to book bands and run their independent record label. Before too long, Matthew and Nathan’s band, Madina Lake, were signed to Roadrunner Records and they spent the next decade touring the world.

In 2010, while on the break to write the band’s third record, Matthew was put into a coma with a third of his skull removed after he rescued a woman being beaten on the streets. Twin brother Nathan, singer of Madina Lake, got the word out to their fans and ultimately, the music community’s reaction was so strong it got the incident trending to #1 on Twitter.

The tsunami of love and well-wishes erupted from musical people everywhere. Smashing Pumpkins did a benefit concert at Metro. High-profiled artists, like Kiss and Madonna, top promoters such as Kevin Lyman of Warped Tour, and AJ Maddah from Soundwave, and so many more, made generous donations to support Matthew’s $650,000 plus, medical bills, and year-long recovery.

Having the great fortune of experiencing such a profound force of love is still believed to be responsible for Matthew’s return to Earth. Subsequently, it evoked a humility and a new perspective on life that would decidedly compel the three of them to devote their lives to giving back. We spent the several preceding several years learning the functionality of the charity sector and determining how we would deploy our passions, skill-sets, and relationships to generate the greatest impact while staying true to our disruptive nature and high moral and ethical standards.