Dave Pearson

Melissa Riggio

Jessica Nelson

Jonathan Margolis

Ryan Ford

Ryan has been a like-long friend of the twin brothers. His professional career involves founding several successful companies, including the award-winning Los Canna and Alpaca Ventures. His passion for music and people overwhelmed Ryan and when the opportunity unveiled itself, he made the perfect partner for Charity Bomb.

Nathan Leone

Singer of rock band Madina Lake, and twin brother of founder, Matthew Leone, Nathan is also the founder of 4 Alarm Records and Strange Entertainment, the benefit event’s production arm that raises funds for a variety of philanthropic organizations.

Matthew Leone

Matthew is a Fear Factor Champion, who was inspired to launch Charity Bomb after intervening in a domestic dispute and waking up two weeks later with 1/3 of his lid removed. The out pouring of love from the artist and music community overwhelmed him and consequently, he devoted his life to giving back.