Charity Bomb supports a variety of causes within the artist community. Click on a campaign below to learn more.

Operation Mental Wellness
Operation Mental Wellness – Teach Emotional Intelligence in School

Charity Bomb develops preventative mental health strategies using EQ education to help children grow confidence, self-awareness and emotional resilience whle avoiding the pitfalls of depression, addiction, bullying an suicide.

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Strange 80's
Strange 80’s 3D – A Benefit for Mental Health

Strange 80s 3D! The third and biggest installment of our fully immersive rock show experience is happening June 1 at Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles in support of our continued mental health campaign for 320 Changes Direction.

The most recognized names in music form supergroups to perform the sing-along anthems of the 80s in a venue designed to recreate that decade. You’ll enter the Fonda through a time warp and emerge into a landscape with 3D production, iconic pop culture installations and super rad thrills at every turn. Artists and fans regale in a unified and uninhibited Strangely seductive celebration of music art and philanthropy.

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