Charity Bomb supports a variety of causes within the artist community. Click on a campaign below to learn more.

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Operation Mental Wellness - Teach Emotional Intelligence in School

Charity Bomb is a non-profit organization founded by three philanthropic friends to develop, create and integrate an Emotional Intelligence course syllabus into middle school curriculums and mitigate the destructive behaviors that pervade our society, like suicide, violence, bullying, depression, anxiety, addiction, and mental illness.

Strange 90's Chicago - Jerry Bryant Cancer Fund

One of Chicago’s living legends, JBTV’s Jerry Bryant is entrenched in a battle against cancer. After being diagnosed with Stage 4 colorectal cancer, Jerry had undergone two surgeries to remove tumors from his colon and lung and that was the easy part. He is now in the throws of a 6-month stint of chemotherapy, without the financial means to support it. He has helped mold the careers of countless local artists and musicians and he now needs our help. We are raising money to support Jerry’s continued treatment. Click here to help today!

Strange 80's 3D - A Benefit for Mental Health

Strange 80s 3D! The third and biggest installment of our fully immersive rock show experience is happening June 1 at Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles in support of our continued mental health campaign for 320 Changes Direction.

The most recognized names in music form supergroups to perform the sing-along anthems of the 80s in a venue designed to recreate that decade. You’ll enter the Fonda through a time warp and emerge into a landscape with 3D production, iconic pop culture installations and super rad thrills at every turn. Artists and fans regale in a unified and uninhibited Strangely seductive celebration of music art and philanthropy.

Take My Hand - Give An Hour Fund

Mental Health is pervasive in today’s complex world, and it is a challenge that is particularly important to us. Talinda Bennington, Barbara Van Dahlen, Fonda Theatre, all Strange artists, our fantastic Strange partners and all the Strangers who bought a ticket to the second annual, sold-out show at Fonda Theatre, please enjoy this healthy servicing of gratitude. We are now on our 2nd phase of fundraising with the distribution of our Rockumentary Strange 80's LA.  Please continue the success we have and donate today to help support Mental Health benefitting Give An Hour & 320 Changes Direction today!