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The catalyzing moment that ignited Charity Bomb happened in the wake of bassist for Madina Lake, Matthew Leone, who was nearly beaten to death after rescuing a woman being murdered on the streets of Chicago. Matthew was in a coma with one third of his skull removed, very low odds of surviving, and equally high odds of living the rest of his days in a vegatative state.

Twin brother, singer of the band, and best friend Nathan tweeted an image of Matthew’s swollen, blood-soaked and shattered face, with a desperate plea for well-wishes that shot to #1 trending on Twitter. The profundity of the love that poured into his hospital room saved his life. Smashing Pumpkins did a benefit show for him at Metro, Kiss, Madonna, Katy Perry donated items for auction, Warped Tour, and the community at large, united to overwhelm the heinous act of cowardice with love, giving, friendship, and community.

Following the long recovery and years spent learning the charity space, they, along with their life-long friend and entrepreneur Ryan Ford, launched Charity Bomb in January of 2018 with a $40 check. Since then, Charity Bomb and its incredible “Bomb Squad” (staff), have raised over $374,000 by producing their STRANGE benefit show series, and by curating custom experiences for auction, to serve the overlooked, or under-served constituencies of our society, but our primary focus is on the mental health space.
We connect the needs of our constituents to their respective resources, while we systematically search to unveil a permanent solution to a cause.

Charity Bomb is a creative organization, tethered to the virtues of transparency and altruism. Launched in 2018, Charity Bomb was founded by three, life-long friends who share the virtues of fatherhood, philanthropy, musicianship. We are music lovers, music industry professionals, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and Fear Factor champions. Our motivation is to make as many people’s lives better, safer, happier, more fulfilled, and more enjoyable, as we can.

Regardless of the amount we are able to give, the heart of the donor is what counts. Collectively, all of our donations impact our community and the world.

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Bomb squad

The Charity Bomb staff is a passionate creative tribe that is tethered to the virtues of; honesty, transparency, dedication and altruism. Charity Bomb was founded in 2018 by three lifelong friends and like-minded individuals who we call bombers, between them are; fathers, philanthropists, professional musicians, graphic artists, avid music lovers, industry professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, and Fear Factor champions.

Matthew Leone

Founder, Executive Director

Matthew is a Fear Factor Champion, who was inspired to launch Charity Bomb after intervening in a domestic dispute and waking up two weeks later with 1/3 of his lid removed. The out pouring of love from the artist and music community overwhelmed him and consequently, he devoted his life to giving back.

Nathan Leone

Co-Founder, Chief Financial Officer

Singer of rock band Madina Lake, and twin brother of founder, Matthew Leone, Nathan is also the founder of 4 Alarm Records and Strange Entertainment, the benefit event's production arm that raises funds for a variety of philanthropic organizations.

Ryan Ford


Ryan has been a like-long friend of the twin brothers. His professional career involves founding several successful companies, including the award-winning Los Canna and Alpaca Ventures. His passion for music and people overwhelmed Ryan and when the opportunity unveiled itself, he made the perfect partner for Charity Bomb.

Jonathan Margolis

Chief Marketing Officer

Jessica Nelson

Chief Creative Officer

Melissa Riggio

Marketing Consultant/ Content Contributor

Dave Pearson

Chief of Event Design


The Charity Bomb Board and Advisors are some of the most talented professionals in their fields and we are super appreciative of their on-going guidance and commitment to our organization.


Allison Shaw

Brand Strategist

Kevin Lyman


Jason Williams

The Wolf

We are continually curating the best, free, immediately available tools & resources for the spectrum of mental health challenges.


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