Charity Bomb is raising money to support our efforts to have Emotional Intelligence integrated into our school curriculums

We are not interested in putting a band-aid on the afflictions that our constituents face, we are interested in fixing the problem. With this initiative, we are getting to the root of the issue and offering a solution.

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“Charity Bomb aims to eradicate bullying, violence, anxiety and depression among teens and adolescents by teaching children the emotional tools that necessitate their successful navigation through the bumpy, often difficult trials of their youth.”- Matthew Leone, Founder, CEO Charity Bomb

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The number one fear among parents is bullying in school. Why does bullying occur? Schools want to push this burden off on to the parent(s) because it’s true, it starts at home, and parents are responsible for instilling these values in their kids. Children emulate their environment. Sadly, not all children have the great fortune of growing up with two loving parents who embody high moral and ethical values. This isn’t a blame game, it’s a fact. But the purpose of education is to prepare our children for life, and we haven’t found a single argument that opposes our belief that this affliction can be eradicated if our education system teaches Emotional Intelligence as a bona fide subject in the middle school curriculum. Inversely, we’ve found an abundance of evidence, to add to logic and reasoning, that if our children are taught Emotional Intelligence in school, the depression, violence, bullying, anxiety, and suicides can be mitigated entirely, thus, preparing our children for life.

Our goals


To have the Emotional Intelligence course syllabus designed by the Spring.


Lobby for course integration with active petitions in every school district across the United States by 2021.


Integrate our Emotional Intelligence course into 50 middle school curriculums


Make Emotional Intelligence a popular, integrated, household named subject across the United States and eradicate, or dramatically reduce the statistics of depression, violence, suicides, anxiety, and bullying among teens and adolescent students. Spread this achievement across the world.

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Where is my donation going?

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  • Charity Bomb is commissioning a variety of intellectuals to develop a course syllabus.
  • Charity Bomb is petitioning the United States Department of Education to add EI to the criteria of subjects that are taught in middle schools across the country.
  • Simultaneously, we are approaching state school districts in Florida, Illinois, and California to pressure the integration from the bottom, initiating local petitions in their respective school districts
  • Creating the curriculum and appealing to entities like
  • Ultimately integrating an EI course into the curriculums of middle schools in America and beyond
  • Charity Bomb will post weekly updates about our progress and measure the impact of every dollar raised through our innovative Tribal Planet dashboards.

Emotional Intelligence is an essential component of a comprehensive education that is tantamount to the overall peacefulness of our children and our society

recent studies

  • Adolescent research confirms a significantly negative relationship between Emotional Intelligence and bullying behavior The relationship between EI [Emotional intelligence] and bullying is prevalent among teens and adolescents, more specifically the EI dimension of cognitive empathy, which is the ability to understand or take on the emotional experiences and perspectives of others – National Institutes of Health
  • Early understanding and implementation of EI in children will enhance the overall development of their personality and its use to manage their behavior, and perceptions will create a more positive environment for the human race – US National Library of Medicine
  • EI is an important parameter that affects all aspects of persons’ life and conceptualizes the perception, processing, regulation, and management of emotions in self and others.[8,9] EI is capable to improve by education, and the result can affect persons’ mental health and general wellness of life –
  • According to a negative relationship between stress, anxiety, and depression with EI [Emotional Intelligence] among teens, improving EI would be a protective factor for the better mental health of them. –
  • EI as a personality trait has predictive power over social anxiety and stress in a sample of adolescents. The current study could provide valuable information for the design, implementation, and evaluation of programs for the development of EI, for the promotion, prevention, and intervention of emotional problems in adolescence. – US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health
  • EI programs could promote an improvement of one’s own emotional comprehension and of others, as well as optimization of intra- and interpersonal emotional regulation processes in adolescence. –

what the subject involves

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what the subject involves

  • Teaching our children how to become stable, well-balanced adults, by providing them with mechanisms to manage the inevitable trials, i.e. cognitive empathy, listening and thinking skills
  • Developing healthy perspectives and positive internal dialogues.
  • How to create boundaries, avoid co-dependent behavior and learn what constitutes a healthy relationship
  • Promote good mental and physical habits like exercise, meditation, a well-balanced diet, and sleep.
  • Emphasize how the mind, body, and spirit are connected.
  • Practices for how to cope with the pressures of competition, teamwork, alienation, social media, academics, and peer approval.
  • How emotionally healthy people thrive in their careers, marriages, and social lives.

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