Strange 80s Documentary

In addition to the live concert, the Strange 80s documentary offers a bird’s eye view into the founding members of Charity Bomb, and the inspiration for producing high-level benefit concerts and our resolve to mitigate the challenges of mental illness. We explain in our own words how our tragic journey reunited us under the auspices of giving back to a world that saved our lives. The artists, meanwhile, discuss their own struggles with mental health and why performing at this event was not only something they wanted to do, but were compelled to.


Frank Zummo-E.O.T.E.

Friend and Charity Bomb supporter, Frank Zummo is an outlier in the musician world. He is an impeccable drummer, as his bandmates in Sum 41 would attest to, but his scope of talent exceeds the scope of drumming. We are honored to demonstrate this in his incredible performance he did for Charity Bomb with his side project, E.O.T.E.


Strange Minds Part 1

Strange Minds Part 2



Brooks Gibbs Interview



This is Me (Music Video)



Invincible (GENz Edit)