Charity Bomb’s Operation GenZEQ

Currently, Charity Bomb is bringing EQ education to the forefront of our culture and offering vast resources to mitigate the potential for mental illness to take hold of our Gen Z children, while building a comprehensive, engaging and entertaining EQ educational platform for all!

Sweet Relief

Our inaugural Strange event raised $40,000 for the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund to support musicians in need of mental or physical well-being!

The Beat of Life

Our annual Strange 90s in Nashville benefitted The Beat of Life, supporting the mental well-being of prisoners and students through the power of songwriting and performing music!

Jerry Bryant

Our annual Strange 90s event in Chicago has subsidized treatment for local music icon, Jerry Bryant from JBTV. These funds contributed to his unlikely survival of stage-4 colorectal cancer and Jerry is currently living cancer free!

Give an Hour

Our annual Strange 80s event in Los Angeles has Raised $60,0000 for Give an Hour’s mental health awareness initiative, 320 Changes Direction.