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Charity Bomb is an unconventional, disruptive charitable organization that marries passion, innovation and hard work to fundraise and producing custom benefit events for a variety of causes and charities.

Charity Bomb is a 501c3 Organization serving the full-scope of mental health afflictions by providing the best, immediately available and free resources through our partnering organizations, while creating a long-term solution to the afflictions of depression, bullying, suicide, violence and addiction by creating and integrating an officially sanctioned course syllabus on Emotional Intelligence into middle school curriculums, as a bonafide subject.

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Brooks Gibbs

We are pleased to announce the launch of our mission to End Bullying, Addiction & Mental Illness with EQ/SEL, Emotional Intelligence Education for our Children!

Charity Bomb, in partnership with Dr. Brooks Gibbs and Tribal Planet have devised a strategy to create and distribute three types of EQ/SEL content: App development, Gamification, Live Role-Playing video exercises, with rewards for completing each level. More information on our initiative.

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