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We don’t just partner with the creative artist communities to raise awareness about a particular cause. We are here first and foremost to provide the resources you need to find help. If you, or anyone you know, are struggling and need to speak with someone please click here:

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Charity Bomb is a 501c3 Organization serving the full-scope of mental health afflictions by providing the best, immediately available and free resources through our partnering organizations, while creating a long-term solution to the afflictions of depression, bullying, suicide, violence and addiction by creating and integrating an officially sanctioned course syllabus on Emotional Intelligence into middle school curriculums, as a bonafide subject.

Charity Bomb has an event production arm called “Strange Entertainment” to produce our STRANGE benefit concert series for a variety of causes and constituencies.

Charity Bomb 501c3, Founded in Jan 2018.

Founder, CEO : Matthew Leone
Founder, CFO : Nathan Leone
Founder, COO : Ryan Ford

EIN 501c3 Tax Exemption Code: 82-4112899


Phone : 805 664 1591

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We organize a variety of events to help various organizations raise money for their causes. From the latest news to upcoming shows to awesome artist auctions, this is where you can find out what’s going on.

2 Artist Reserve Tickets to See Billie Eilish on Her Where Do We Go? Tour & Merch Bundle
2 VIP Tickets to Peppa Pig's Adventure Live with Adventure Party Pass Character Meet-N-Greet at the Show of Your Choice

Experience Strange 80s 2 on PLEX

A PLEX Exclusive! Be the first to watch the star-studded Strange80s 2 – A benefit for Mental Health concert. Enjoy never-before-seen footage of all the artists, behind-the-scenes, interviews, and more, all right in PLEX!


Brooks Gibbs

We are pleased to announce the launch of our mission to End Bullying, Addiction & Mental Illness with EQ/SEL, Emotional Intelligence Education for our Children!

Charity Bomb, in partnership with Dr. Brooks Gibbs and Tribal Planet have devised a strategy to create and distribute three types of EQ/SEL content: App development, Gamification, Live Role-Playing video exercises, with rewards for completing each level. More information on our initiative.



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